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Types of Cranes in Melbourne

MCL Crane Hire has various types of cranes for hire in Melbourne.

Get in touch for crane truck rental services for residential and commercial applications!

The Perfect Mobile Crane

Whether you need a fixed or mobile crane for a short or long-term project, MCL Crane Hire is the team to call! 

While smaller than other cranes, mobile cranes have advanced hydraulic systems that enable them to lift heavy objects and materials to great heights.

Rest assured, our experienced and licensed operators will be there to advise and assist with the job.

We have cranes for all types of work

Types of Cranes Melbourne
Types of Cranes Melbourne

A Vast Range of Equipment

Depending on your project requirements, MCL Crane Hire offers multiple types of cranes. We have a vast range of specialised equipment for heavy lifting jobs, including:

  • Franna cranes
  • Mobile cranes
  • Mini cranes
  • Crane trucks

Call us to get the job done in the fastest and most efficient manner!

Our operators ensure the health and safety of everyone on site


We Offer:

  • A full range of crane hire services
  • Reliable and professional services
  • Crane trucks for hire
  • Mini crane services

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